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change of attitude like ▓some right wingers asserted, and definitely not for winning a Nobel Prize," said Li."Murakami's works are popular ar▓ound the world, because he is very good at des▓cribing the common feelings of people in cosmopolitan cities, no matter the nationality, ethnicity or social stratum." Takashi Okada, a commentator from Kyodo News, told Xinhua."The reason that Murakami mentioned the Nazis and Japan's invasive war in his wor▓ks, and that he called on Japan to▓ apologize, is possibly that he▓ feels people in different countries and with di▓fferent opinions have to acknowledge first ▓their common history before they could t▓ruly have heart-to-heart communi▓cations," he said.Please scan the QR Code t▓o follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNew study to sort out risk genes for bra▓in development disordersNew study to sort out ri▓sk genes for brain development disordersNew study to sort out risk genes for brain development disorders02-28-2017 07:19 BJT▓SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Researchers have conducted a large, international, multi-institutional study to uncover new information about similarities and differences underlying various neurodevelopm▓ental disorders including autism, intellectual ▓impairments, developmental delays, a▓ttention deficits, tic disorders and language difficulties.More than 11,700 affected individuals and nearly 2,800 control subjects underwent targeted DNA sequencing of 208 suspec▓ted disease-risk genes, which were chosen based on previously published studies. By looking at greater numbers o▓f cases and using a reliable yet inexpe▓nsive molecular inversion probe, the project▓ team wanted to measure the statistical significan▓ce of individual, implicated gen▓es.Led by Holly A. F. Stessman, Bo Xiong an▓d Bradley P. Coe, of the genome sciences laboratory of Evan Eichler at the University of Was▓hington School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and reported in Nature Genetics, samples were collected through the Autism Spect▓rum/Intellectual Disability 15-center network spanning seven countries and four ▓continents. An advantage of this collection, the ▓researchers said, is the ability to check back on a large fraction of cases to tr▓y to relate genetic results to ▓clinical findings.In their study ▓population, the researchers associated 91 gen▓es with the risk of a neurodevel▓opmental disorder. These included 38 genes not previously suspected of playing a role. Based on some of the family studies,▓ however, mutations even in two or more of the risk genes may not

be ne▓cessary or sufficient to cause disease. Of the 91 ▓genes, 25 were linked with forms of autism without intellectual disability. The researchers also described a gene network that appeared to be related to high-functioning autism. Individuals with this form of autism have average to above average intellige▓nce, but may struggle in learning to ta▓lk, interact socially, or


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manage anxiety and sensory overload.While observing that some▓ genes were more closely assoc


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